To Shareholders & Investors

Voltage Has Achieved Sales of 10 Billion Yen and Is Now Expanding its Target Markets, while Aiming to Take its U.S. Operations to the Next Stage

 Since I founded Voltage Inc. in 1999, I have led the company in creating “Drama on Love and Challenge” that touches the users’ hearts under our corporate vision, “Art & Business”. In February 2013, I moved my business base to San Francisco, California, and in July 2013, I resigned as CEO and President of Voltage Inc. after 14 years in the position. Since then, I have been committed to our operations in the U.S. as Director and Chairperson of Voltage Inc. and CEO of its U.S. subsidiary.

 Today’s smartphone content markets are growing and changing significantly across the globe. Seeing this situation as a great opportunity for us, we are expanding our target markets, particularly for apps for English-speaking people and apps for men, which are the two categories we are focusing on.
Meanwhile, in order to take our operations in Japan and the U.S. to the next stage, I have decided to return to the top representative position, beginning on September 1 this year, to lead the Voltage Group as CEO and Chairperson of Voltage Inc. and CEO of its U.S. subsidiary.

 Our SF Studio has celebrated its third anniversary. Although the studio has not yet made a profit, it has grown to have 30 people working as development and sales staff. The Voltage Group’s annual sales of the English-language versions of apps have grown to the level of one billion yen. We are also moving toward full-fledged operations for suspense apps aimed at men and women, another category we are seeking to expand.
In view of these circumstances, we have started reviewing our medium-term plan for the period after June 2015 on the basis of the market expansion image shown in the right figure. As soon as we finalize the plan, we will announce its details.

 In line with our corporate vision, we will remain committed to continuously creating hit products.

Yuzi Tsutani, Chairperson&CEO, Founder