Titles for Japanese-Speaking Women
(Visual Novels)

“100-Shiin no Koi+”

  • ≪Available in 100 Koi +≫

    • “Ano Yoru kara Kimi ni Koi siteta”
    • “Koibito ha Koan Deka”

Our all-in-one portal app offers all of Voltage’s classic romance app titles all in one place. Continually updated with new characters and content.

  • “100-Shiin no Koi+otona love”

A website dedicated to completely original content with a spicy twist, intended for mature readers. Rich, indulgent romance not available anywhere else.

Titles for Japanese-Speaking Women (Avatar-Based)

    “Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran – Love ballad-”

    An immensely popular Voltage title in which you can romance samurai from the Sengoku period of Japanese history.
    Featuring some of our most popular characters, this title has also been the focus of original merchandise and fan events.


    “Makai Ouji to Miwaku no Naitomea”

    A dark fantasy starring a heroine with a special power desired by all the princes of a seductive underworld. Featuring dazzling characters drawn by popular illustrator Hazuki Futaba.


    “Kagami no naka no Princess Love Palace”

    An ordinary woman finds herself lost in a mysterious world! Nobles and knights fight valiantly to win your hand in this otherworldly palace. Could this love story, that crosses both time and space, have a happily ever after…?


    “Chikai no Kiss ha Totsuzennni Love Ring”

    You find yourself contractually obligated to be fake married to a stranger for three months…
    But at the end of it all, what will become of you and your new husband?

  • JTitles for Japanese-Speaking Women (Card-Based)

    “Ayakashi Koi Meguri”

    A card-collection romance set in the Meiji Period. Fifteen ayakashi are waiting to meet the woman they knew in a previous life in a love story that spans a millennium. An impressive voice cast and new game play make this a much-discussed new offering.

  • Titles for Japanese-Speaking Women (Cast-Based)

    “Anidoru Colors”

    Voltage’s first card collecting app for women. Animal idols need help to pursue their dreams of stardom both in and outside the virtual world. Experience of the world of Anidoru is extended and enhanced through stage performances, original merchandise, and more.



  • It’s an e-comic store aimed at grown women looking for a romantic recharge. Works from “Otona Cinderella,” a label original to the company, are also available.
  • ≪Comic label original to the company≫

    ~ 100-Shiin no Koi Chat Fiction”~

A community-based app featuring stories in a wide variety of genres, including horror-romance. Here, users can create, read, and share their own original fiction.

Titles for Japanese-Speaking Men (Card-Based)
  • “Roppongi Sadistic Night”

Our app developed for a male audience. Features multiple endings, along with exciting collection mechanics and stat-raising elements.

For English-Speaking Women

Translated Content(Otome Romance Series)

“Love 365: Find Your Story”

  • ≪Available in Love 365≫

    • “Oops, I Said Yes?!”
    • “Court of Darkness”

The English-language version of the “100-Shiin no Koi+” portal app, passionately beloved by female fans of Japanese pop culture.

  • “Intimate Eisuke VR”

  • “Wedding VR”

These Virtual Reality apps allow you to immerse yourself in a fantasy world with one of our popular characters.

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