Management Vision


Contribute to society by establishing “Art & Business”


“Art & Business” is Voltage’s corporate philosophy. This “Art” means the will to create inspiring content by ourselves. We want to be an organization that always makes day-to-day efforts, through trial and error, to pursue our vision so that we can hear people say, “I was excited and impressed”, not that “It was convenient.” As opposed to self-pleasing works with no consideration for the recipient’s situation, we want to create inspiring content that touches the recipient’s heart.

Again, “Art” here is not about writing a novel alone in your room without expecting anyone to read it, but it does mean aiming to create something to entertain as many people as possible, hopefully people all over the world. This attitude will help your work succeed also as a “business”, which then will make a profit and enable you to invest in your next work. Through dynamic interactions with society in this way, we want to generate cycles of personal and organizational growth. Furthermore, in order to “produce a series of hits in a row” without ending with a “one-hit wonder”, we will establish a “mechanism” that will enable our staff to constantly come up with innovative ideas and transform their ideas into reality.

We want to contribute to the world with these positive cycles of “Art & Business”.

Pursue the unique style of “Drama of Love and Battle”


Heroes and heroines in movies “pursue happiness” either for themselves or to share it with their beloved. They escape from troubles they are involved in; they take back what they have been robbed of; and they struggle to reach the next goal.

Through the experience of screenplay writing at the School of Theater, Film, Television and Digital Media, UCLA, President Tsutani reached the conclusion that what heroes and heroines ultimately pursue are “Love and Battle”.
The term “Love” here means not only love between men and women, but also the relationship between humans in general accepting and supporting each other. “Battle” includes competition between rivals, struggling to overcome one’s own weaknesses, challenges to conventional social paradigms, and so on. Seeing heroes and heroines struggle under adverse circumstances in pursuit of happiness in their own way, the audience feels empathy and is tempted to cheer for the characters. They feel encouraged and comforted to know, “It is not me alone who is in a troubling situation.” It is the power of storytelling.

We will continuously envision, shape and pursue our original style of storytelling in various forms suitable for the Internet age.

“Grow autonomously” as individuals and an organization


People who don’t fail are those who act only within a framework where they can win; they don’t take on new challenges. Such an attitude will not help you grow. Even though we need to have prudence to avoid critical failures, let’s take on new challenges at least once in every three opportunities.
Our growth depends on how we can learn lessons from failures. While learning not to repeat the same mistakes, people gradually expand a world of their own. The great joys of life lie in seeing a new world.

In order to grow autonomously, the first step is to self-evaluate your own ability and environment, and then set challenging but achievable and exciting goals. Next, formulate a strategy and rough plan to achieve those goals, and implement them without hesitation. In the course of implementation, you will compete, cooperate, and get acquainted with many people. Let’s persevere with this process without interruption.