April Comic label VolKoi’s first English releases hit the North American market.


November Webtoons label VolKoi TOON established, offering vertically-read, full color webtoon
March Console games released on PC gaming platform Steam for the first time.


December 15 Years of Vol Koi Exhibition held.
June Voltage Inc’s first original Nintendo Switch™ title, even if TEMPEST, released


  • “Voltage Passport” Point Service (Free Membership) launched.
  • General term for Voltage Inc’s romantic drama series changes to “VolKoi.”


August Digital comic store service VolComi launched in conjunction with Otona Cinderella (currently VolKoi Comic), marking the first foray into the digital comic market.


December Distribution begins for “KISSMILLe 100 Scene no Koi Chat Fiction”
October Release of feature film “Doubt -Usotsuki Otoko ha Dare?-“
September Voltage, Inc. celebrates its 20th Anniversary
June First venture into the console games market, beginning with the release of Enchanted in the Moonlight on the Nintendo Switch™.
April “Volfes 2019″event held at THE GRAND HALL Shinagawa
February Rebrand of English-Language Romance Apps as “Otome Romance”


April “Villainous Nights”becomes Voltage’s 100th Romance App Title
January Dissolution of Volmo & Volsta


December Awarded 5th Place: Forbes JAPAN WOMAN AWARD 2017
Voltage Romance Apps 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Event held at La Foret Museum Harajuku
October Founded the subsidiary Volpictures Inc.
February Founded the subsidiary Voltage VR Inc.(Disbanded in August 2022)


November Founded the subsidiary Volsta Inc.
  • Yuzi Tsutani returned to his position as president of Voltage Inc.
  • Founded the subsidiary Volmo Inc.


  • Yuzi Tsutani became Chairperson&CEO, Founder of Directors.
  • Nanako Higashi became Founder and Vice Chairperson.


July Akihiro Yokota became Representative Director and President.
May Began releasing suspense drama apps, starting with “Seizonritsu 0%! Chikatetsu kara no Dasshutsu”.
March Expanded the offices in order to increase operations.


November Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. was released the first title My Lover’s a Thief.
  • Began distributing A Prince‘s Proposal, the first title of “Romance Sims” series
  • A television commercial for My Forged Wedding was broadcasted nationwide.
July The first Romance Sims scenario writing and illustration competition was held.
May Establishment of Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.


July Began distributing “PIRATES IN LOVE”, the first title of “Romance Sims” series.
June Transferred from Mothers to First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
January Began distributing “Love & Job” series on “Turning Point – Love & Career”.


October Began distributing electronic book application for iPhone and iPod touch on “100 Scene no Koi (100 Love Scenes)”.
August Began distributing applications on “Romantic High School Rumble LITE” for Android-based smart phones.
July Changed the business name from the mobile official site business to the mobile content business.
  • Closed the mobile advertising business.
  • Began distributing social applications on “The Captain is My Darling for GREE”.
  • Listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


May Closed the media planning system business.
March Made the romantic short drama “100 Love Scenes Volume 1” into a DVD and began full-fledged operation of the package business.


December Began distributing “Night Club Eternity”, content for iMode official sites and launched the “Dating Sim game” series in the mobile official site business.
August Began showing in theaters “Wanna be Free! Tokyo Girl”, a movie produced by Voltage Inc.


November Began distributing “Chumoku! Motekawa Item”, an official site for iMode and started full-fledged operation of the mobile commerce business.
May Began providing services on a general website, “QueenBEE” and started full-fledged operation of the mobile advertising business.
February Relocated the Company headquarters to Ebisu 4-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


June Began distributing “Kashi de Mune Kyun”, content for iMode official sites.


June Relocated the Company headquarters to Higashi 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.


September Began distributing “100 Love Scenes”, content for EZ web official sites.
May Relocated the Company headquarters to Ebisu Nishi 1-chome, Shibuya-ku.


October Began distributing “Battle Tokyo 23”, content for the official site of “iMode” from NTT Docomo, Inc.
September Began the “Click MAX” service, a banner advertising plan optimization system, and Launched the media planning system.
April Began distributing content on “Side-K” for official sites of Ezweb of the DDI Corporation/ IDO Corporation/ KDDI Group.
  • Received the first certification in the venture support program, “Start-up Essentials” of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  • Began distributing content on “Side-K” for official sites of “J-SKY” (currently Yahoo! Mobile) of J-Phone Communications Co., Ltd. and launched the mobile official site business.
February Changed the organization to Voltage Inc. with capital of 10 million yen.


October Began distributing content on ultra bio SF “Side-K” for “mopera” from NTT Docomo, Inc.
September Established Voltage Limited Liability Company in Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi to produce movies, distribute web content and sell media planning tools. Capital of 3 million yen.