Messege from CEO, Founder

The Founder’s Spirit: “Art Meets Business”

 When founding this company, I decided its corporate vision would be “art meets business”; to build a model upon which we could create hit after dramatic hit, all with the ability to move people’s hearts. Central to this vision was an intersection between romance, drama, and action. In this vein, we have since produced over 100 original titles in formats ranging from mobile apps to films.

The decision to found Voltage Inc. came of going to film school in my late 20s. With dreams of becoming a Hollywood director and seeing the movies I’d made reach a global stage, I spent three and a half years in the US studying to make that a reality.

However, the path was grueling and, discouraged, I eventually returned to Japan. Still, my desire to combine art with business could not be quelled, and in 1999 I dove into the burgeoning world of mobile content, then still in its infancy.

With the story-making knowledge I’d acquired from studying film, I became a pioneer in the industry. Quality storytelling remained my focus, but I managed to tie it to success in business as well.

Generating Fun New Ways for Users & Young People to Interact

The circumstances surrounding smartphones and social media have changed dramatically in the 20 years since the company’s founding. Using mobile content as our jumping off point, we’ve expanded into live events, stage performances, and even film. I am making great strides toward that dream.

I want to do more than just tell stories; I want to bring forth new ways of having fun in the Internet Age. Straddling the line between the Internet and reality, I hope to generate never-before-seen ways of interacting.

Realizing this dream means breaking new ground. I want the young people I work with to approach their jobs with a spirit of innovation and responsibility. I want them to know both the fun of innovation and the difficulty of succeeding in business, and in doing so see the world for its possibility. I want this company to be one where we never back down from challenges, where we learn from our mistakes, and where we are constantly growing.

Bringing the Excitement of Romance and Drama to the World

The time has come for Voltage to take on new challenges. We will push the limits of expression as far as the medium of storytelling allows, and in doing so bring about new forms of entertainment. We will strive to make an impact on the world in an emotional, memorable way.

May 2019
CEO, Founder

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