Message from the Vice Chairperson, Founder

Providing content to soothe and encourage modern women.

 We began to distribute “Romance Sims (currently ‘Romance Apps’)” in 2006. At present, there are over 80 titles, including English editions, and they have been played by more than 50,000,000 women around the world. They have become widely accepted as content that can be enjoyed, not only by people who love games, but by those who have never had much to do with games.

 I believe one of the background factors is the social progress of women. Women have a growing need to relax and relieve stress, and since they are busy every day, being able to enjoy content that fills
that need easily on mobile devices has become vital.

 Women who give their all at work and in the home soothe the day’s fatigue by spending five minutes with one of our Romance Apps before going to bed. We intend to continue making products that energize all of hardworking women in the world.

Vice Chairperson, Founder
Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. COO