Message from COO, Founder

Stress-Relief for Women, Too

The line of “Romance Sims (currently ‘Volkoi’)” we began in 2006 has grown to over 100 titles, including English editions, and they have been enjoyed by more than 70 million women* around the world. I believe that women’s place in modern society has been a backdrop to this success. We provide content that can bring relief and comfort to their busy lives; that is what our Volkoi are all about.

At present, the majority of our users in Japan are women in their thirties, and we aim to reach a wider range of age groups. We will continue to deliver relief and encouragement to women worldwide via our products.

Fostering a Diverse & Accepting Workplace

Since this company’s inception, I have aimed to create an easy working environment. I have actively sought to implement unique policies and systems that would resolve the issues working women such as myself face, as well as the fatigue that comes of high growth periods.

Recently, Japan as a whole has become more aware of the importance of workplace diversity and work/life balance. While has largely been a process of trial and error up until now, but I believe strategies are needed in order to produce results regardless of time and circumstance.

“Diversity is the key to healthy corporate culture.” This is the prevailing school of thought in Silicon Valley, where the world’s IT companies come together. I myself experienced this “next generation working style” during my three years in San Francisco, as I worked to establish our branch studio there. Day by day, I work toward making our company a diverse, welcoming environment that supports employees in their careers and daily lives as well.

*Installation numbers listed are inclusive of Voltage content as distributed on outside mobile carriers in Japan (Docomo, au and Softbank), monthly subscriptions, registrations via SNS platforms (GREE, Mobage, d-game, Ameba, DMM Games, Amazon (Kindle), Joshige, etc.) as well as installs of all social game content as distributed on the App Store and Google Play.

COO, Founder