Voltage enterprises center on the planning, development, production, and implementation of mobile apps with romantic, dramatic themes. Our target audience is primarily Japanese-speaking women in three target segments: “Casual,” “Casual Core,” and “Core.” We also provide romantic drama apps for English-speaking women and suspense drama apps for Japanese-speaking men.
In recent years, we have expanded our scope to include VR & AR content. We have also planned and produced movies, anime, merchandise, and even live events based on our intellectual property.

◆Mobile Content

Voltage Inc. has created and currently distributes more than 100 story-focused romance titles, primarily aimed at women worldwide.

    • For Japanese-Speaking Women(2006~)

      In these story-based applications, the user becomes the heroine in idyllic stories of romance. Here, choices of love interest and scenario are up to her. Starting in 2006, more than 100 titles have been released in our flagship content line.

    • For English-Speaking Women(2011~)

      Many of our romance apps have been translated and localized for the English language market. We also have a branch studio in San Francisco, which produces its own titles specifically for English speakers.

    • For Japanese-Speaking Men(2013~)

      Separate from our line of romantic drama apps are our ones aimed at Japanese-speaking men. Through them, you can recruit, train, and level up a variety of female characters.

◆Events & IP Development

In order to enhance our users’ enjoyment of the world within our content, we have plan and produce live events, as well as create and sell related merchandise, movies, and music.