Sometimes love requires heroic measures. Romance MD: Always On Call Coming to Nintendo Switch™ & SteamⓇ Thursday, April 25th!

  Voltage Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo Acting President: Yuzi Tsutani) has announced a Thursday, April 25th console release in the Nintendo eShop and on PC game platform Steam for popular, ongoing Vol Koi title Romance MD: Always On Call.

Romance MD stars a bright young surgeon working alongside five brilliant, handsome experts in their field. As part of the Elite ICU, they take on the toughest cases, strengthening their bonds through the emotional and physical turmoil that such a job demands. In time, that connection with their mentor turns into a beautiful love story. Since it first arrived in romance story app Love 365: Find Your Story in August 2019, this title has been praised for its sweetness but for its poignance.
 Now, with its release on consoles, an even wider audience can enjoy these moving tales.

A new opening movie has been added to the console version alongside rewind, save, and load features to make for a smoother, more enjoyable playing experience. Furthermore, fans can see the world of Romance MD: Always On Call in greater detail by connecting to their TV screens.

 Keep an eye out for more great Voltage Inc. titles coming to console platforms in the future!

Romance MD: Always On Call Overview

  • KV
  • Title:Romance MD: Always On Call
    Release:4/25/2024 (Thu)
    Platform: Nintendo Switch™ (Download only)
    Windows PC (Steam)
    Price: $34.99
    Languages: Japanese, English
    Genre: Adventure game
    Rating: ESRB MATURE 17+
    Original Seller: Voltage Inc.

Romance MD: Always On Call Story & Character Profiles

The Story
  • Tokyo. Present day.
    The ICU at Seimei University Hospital.

    You’re a young female doctor stepping
    into the lion’s den of five brilliant surgeons.

    Every failure here is deadly,
    but one may show you what it takes to succeed.

    Here, there are no miracles or pretty lies.
    All you have is hope.

    “I’ll do whatever it takes to save you.”

  • キャラクタースチル


Character Profiles
  • Munechika Takado
    Dr. Unconventional
    Munechika Takado
  • Tetsuya Hosho
    Dr. Irresistible
    Tetsuya Hosho
  • Kaede Ekuni
    Dr. Impassive
    Kaede Ekuni
  • Sentaro Kyogoku
    Dr. Unpredictable
    Sentaro Kyogoku
  • Toshiki Kasumi
    Dr. Untouchable
    Toshiki Kasumi
  • Eiichi Matsunaga
    Dr. Inscrutable
    Eiichi Matsunaga

Special Console Edition Features

1. New Opening Movie Added!

Whether you’re new to Romance MD: Always On Call or returning to a perennial favorite, this new opener shows off the cast’s best features. There’s so much to enjoy!

2. Optimized Playing!

Includes up to the second Main Story for all love interests. New features – including dialogue history, quick saves, and quick loads – make the game more convenient to play than ever!

  • ▲Beautiful illustrations highlight the story!

  • ▲Easy to navigate between characters and more!

Voltage’s Most Popular Titles are Available for Nintendo Switch!

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English Language Story App for Female Audiences:
Love 365: Find Your Story

  • The English version of story app 100-Shiin no Koi+ brings the spark of romance to everyday life through its exclusive titles. In addition to regular updates for old favorites, Voltage plans to release many more new titles in the near future. There are also free stories that give an easy starting point for new users.

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