New Developments on Voltage’s Nintendo Switch™ Original Titles: 3 New Releases Planned for 2024 and Beyond! Plus News on “even if TEMPEST” Series, AGF 2023 & More!

 Voltage, Inc. (Main Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. President: Yuzi Tsutani) has announced plans to release 3 new original titles for the Nintendo Switch.
Following the 2022 release of even if TEMPEST and the even if TEMPEST: Dawning Connections fan disc on October 26th of this year, three new titles were announced at the even if TEMPEST Booth for Animate Girls Festival 2023. AGF 2023 took place over the weekend of November 3rd (Fri./Holiday) to 4th (Sat.).

Mafia youth take on a great evil in Project Code Neon Mafia, while the dreamlike tower of Project Code Kaleido Tower exposes what’s in people’s innermost hearts. Finally, vampire hunters stake their lives as they battle for the fate of the world in Project Code Vampire. All three titles are currently in development and slated for release in 2024 and beyond.
Plus, a visual fanbook for the even if TEMPEST series is in the works. New developments are planned for the game as well, so keep an eye on this series going forward.

3 New Titles In Development, Releases Planned for 2024 and Beyond

  • Project Code Neon Mafia
    Project Code Neon Mafia
  • Project Code Kaleido Tower
    Project Code Kaleido Tower
  • Project Code Vampire Hunter
    Project Code Vampire Hunter
Official Sites and Official X accounts have been opened in coordination with the announcement of Voltage’s new Nintendo Switch titles. Articles are coming out in girls’ gaming magazines as well, so watch for more news!

◆Magazine Appearances
B’s-LOG January issue (Released on Monday, November 20th / Kadokawa Corporation)
SweetPrincess vol. 43 (Released on Friday, December 15th / Issue: HEADROOM Inc. , Release: Ohzora Publishing.Co.Ltd.)

New Nintendo Switch Release, Vol 1: Project Code Neon Mafia

  • Young members of the Mafia fight,
    rebel, and entrust their hopes to their
    friends to fight corruption, confront
    evil, and challenge fate.
    Title: Project Code Neon Mafia
    Platform: Nintendo Switch™ (Download Only)
    Release: Coming 2024!
    Story / Development: Voltage Inc.
    Director: Ichika Shiina (Voltage Inc.)
    Illustrator: Takao (Voltage Inc.)
  • ネオンマフィア
*Project Code Neon Mafia is the working project name and not the official title.

◆Introduction to the Brilliant Creators:
Scenario: Ririka Yoshimura
A scenario writer for Nintendo Switch series such as Cupid Parasite, DesperaDrops and many other otome game titles, plus a novelist for Kyokai No Himemiko(境界の皇女) (Ichijinsha Inc.), Koi Suru Shakespeare(恋するシェイクスピア), Houkago Wonderland(放課後ワンダーランド) (B’s-LOG library) and more.
Also currently working on social game scenarios, drama CD manuscripts and a variety of other projects.

Background Art:Studio Cocolo Co., Ltd.
CEO: Hideki Nakamura Founder of Kobayashi Production, freelancer since 2000.
Founded Studio Cocolo Co., Ltd. in January 2013.
Notable Works in Film: RE:cycle of the PENGUINDRUM, INU-OH, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop.
TV Animation: Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Tada Never Falls in Love, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt,
Inuyashiki, Rage of Bahamut GENESIS / VIRGIN SOUL, Tsukumo(九十九) from anthology movie SHORTPEACE.

  • Shunsuke Tsuchiya
  • Soundtrack /Composition & Arrangement:Shunsuke Tsuchiya (PROCYON STUDIO)
    After graduating from Muse Conservatory, worked freeform as part of a music production team on a wide variety of projects. Joined PROCYON STUDIO in 2007, and has since mainly created music for Another Eden, Oninaki, and other RPG games, plus a foray into otome games with titles such as the even if TEMPEST series. Has also worked on composition and arrangement not only for games but in TV animation for Delicious in Dungeon in recent years.
  • Shihoko Hirata
  • Vocals & Lyrics:Shihoko Hirata (MIT GATHERING)
    Focusing on classical piano from ages 6 to 17, she gravitated toward soul music from the age of 12, and began singing after being influenced by 70s and 90s soul. From the age of 16, she spent a year studying Italian songs, then joined a band during university and which began her involvement in music in earnest.
    She released her long-awaited first solo album, The Stories of a Day, in 2015, then her second solo album, 7:08, in 2016. Her projects are broad-ranging and varied.

New Nintendo Switch Release, Vol 2: Project Code Kaleido Tower

  • Youths with unique abilities
    living under oppression enter a
    tower submerged in an endless
    dream. There, they will delve
    into themselves, their friends,
    and the people they love.
    Title: Project Code Kaleido Tower
    Platform: Nintendo Switch™ (Download Only)
    Release: Coming 2024!
    Story / Development: Voltage Inc.
    Director / Scenario: Ayane Ushio Illustrator: Tana Khaki
  • Kaleido Tower
*Project Code Kaleido Tower is the working project name and not the official title.

◆Introduction to theBrilliant Creators:
Director / Scenario:Ayane Ushio
Works independently alongside game companies mainly on otome games, novels, CD projects and more.
Responsible for planning, direction and scenario writing on Norn9 (Idea Factory Co., Ltd.)
Participated in planning and scenario writing for Home, Honey Home(KADOKAWA)as well.

Illustrator:Tana Khaki
Independent freelancer working with animation production companies and game development companies since 2015. Involved in a wide variety of illustrations for games. Created part of the event CGs for the even if TEMPEST series.
Responsible for part of the character design for Aoyama Operetta(青山オペレッタ).

Costume Design:UNICO INC.
Established in 2006, involved primarily in console game development for the Nintendo Switch, PS5, etc. plus PC, smartphone, arcade and other platforms. Responsible for developing a games across a diverse range of genres from action to RPG, puzzle games, adventure games for women and more.

Background Art:Shizui fen
A freelancer as of 2021, working on a wide variety of genres such as card illustrations, music illustrations and so on.
An up-and-coming illustrator with a unique world view who aims to create enticing backgrounds that pique the curiosity of the beholder.

Soundtrack:Hayato Asano
Composer and arranger for various pieces including the music for BLUE REFLECTION, the Atelier series and more.
Involved not only in games but TV/movie theme songs and background music, plus live musical performances.

  • Theme Song:DUSTCELL
    A musical duo formed in October 2019, composed of vocalist EMA and composer Misumi. Having built up a career as a singer and Vocaloid producer, the pair have attracted a great deal of attention as DUSTCELL and are making great, energetic strides.

New Nintendo Switch Release, Vol 3: Project Code Vampire Hunter

  • A dark fantasy about two worlds,
    human and demon, where vampire hunters
    who had fought alone now fight with the
    world’s fate at stake.
    Title: Project Code Vampire Hunter
    Platform: Nintendo Switch™ (Download Only)
    Release: Coming 2025!
    Story / Development: Voltage Inc.
    Director: Nachi(Voltage Inc.)
    Illustrator: Norita
  • ヴァンパイアハンター
*Project Code Vampire Hunter is the working project name and not the official title.

◆Introduction to the Brilliant Creators:
Freelance scenario writer since 2019.
Primarily penning consumer game scenarios for women, responsible for parts of Paradigm Paradox, Virche Evermore: ErroR:salvation, Temirana-Koku No Tsuiteru Hime To Tsuinenai Kishidan(テミラーナ国の強運姫と悲運騎士団) and more.
Main writer for the voiced drama ToietMoi, plus many other game apps.

Freelance illustrator whose credits primarily include character design for the even if TEMPEST game series, drama CD RUNLIMIT, Oresama Residence(俺様レジデンス)and more.

Background Art:Minoru Akiba (Studio Jack)
TV series works include Onihei, Magical Girl Site, Between the Sky and Sea, Rent-A-Girlfriend and more.
Movie adaptations of Pokémon Movies, Duel Masters and more.
Music videos for EXILE/Ai Subeki Mirai e(愛すべき未来へ), Hi-DRIVERS, Love Live! Sunshine!! and more.
Game credits include Norn9, the even if TEMPEST series and other art direction for animation backgrounds.

Soundtrack:Yamato(Heart Company)
Member of bands such as Daikyosaku(大凶作), DOPEDOWN, plus guitarist groups G.O.D. GUITARIST ON DEMAND, G5 Project and more. Guitarist, composer, and arranger working with various artists and on many works.
Notable Projects: Free!series: Timeless Blue, Relay of Youth, Ensemble Stars!: Kiss Of Life, Fantastic Days◎, GYROAXIA(from ARGONAVIS): GETTING HIGH.

  • 9mm Parabellum Bullet
  • Theme Song:9mm Parabellum Bullet
    Formed in Yokohama in 2004. Major debut October 2007.
    Currently performing their 19th Anniversary Tour in honor of their 19th year together. The tour’s solo finale will be on December 19th at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM!

Visual Fanbook for even if TEMPEST Series Underway!

A visual fanbook showcasing the beautiful illustrations for even if TEMPEST and even if TEMPEST: Dawning Connections has been announced. Keep an eye out for more news!

◆even if TEMPEST & even if TEMPEST: Dawning Connections now on sale!

  • even if TEMPEST
  • Fate’s final verdict,illuminated by love.

    Title: even if TEMPEST: Dawning Connections
    Platform: Nintendo Switch™ (Download Only)
    Price: $49.99
    Rating: (ESRB) Teen
    Languages: Japanese & English
    Genre: Adventure

Report on the even if TEMPEST Booth at Animate Girls Festival 2023

  • even if TEMPEST had a booth at Animate Girls Festival 2023, held November 3rd (Fri./Holiday) to 4th (Sat.), 2023 in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. See what everything was like during the event!
  • AGF
    Plenty of much sought-after AGF-exclusive merch was purchased!
  • AGF
    Those kind enough to visit the event received postcards!
  • AGF
    Trailers for the new releases were unveiled at the booth! People stopped to come and check them out.

*Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo. ©2017 Nintendo
*All company names, products, and services listed here are copyrights of their respective companies.


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