Joyful Response from Fans during Voltage’s 1st Appearance in 4 Years: Post-Anime Expo 2023 Report A Lifelike View of the Venue Ambiance Through Photos

  Voltage, Inc. (Main Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. President: Yuzi Tsutani) put on an exhibit at Anime Expo 2023, North America’s largest anime convention, held in Los Angeles, California from Saturday, July 1st to Tuesday, July 4th, 2023. In this report, take a look at the event and Voltage’s presence there.
Anime Expo is held in Los Angeles, California in July of every year, and is the largest convention of its type in North America. While it was temporary relegated to online-only due to Covid-19, it returned to being an in-person event as of last year. Excitement ran high for Anime Expo 2023, with four-day tickets being sold out and the estimated 350,000-person capacity of the convention center approaching maximum. There, enthusiastic American fans of anime reveled in everything that was on offer.

 Voltage, Inc. made a triumphant return after a four-year hiatus due to Covid-19, with fans delightedly welcoming us back. By the time the convention came to a close, it had been a four-day whirlwind of excitement and activity. In this article, enjoy a glimpse of the passion and enthusiasm of the fans at the event, as well as an overall look at the venue.

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Anime Expo 2023 Exhibition Overview

  • Event Name: Anime Expo 2023
    Promoters: Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA)
    Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California
    Date: Saturday, July 1st to Tuesday, July 4th

    ●Exhibit Details
    The Voltage booth featured gigantic, colorful visuals for brand new mobile app “The Princess in the Mirror,” “Court of Darkness,” and popular Switch title “even if Tempest,” plus hit releases “Star-Crossed Myth” and “Kissed by the Baddest Bidder,” available on mobile, Switch, and Steam. There were also opportunities for fans to take photos with their favorite characters, a look at the history of Otome Romance, and more. Exclusive merch was also available for purchase at the booth.

Introducing the Voltage Inc Booth for Anime Expo 2023!

[A Greeting in King-Sized Visual Boards and Life-Sized Panels]

The Voltage booth was splashed with massive visual boards featuring hit titles, and standees of popular characters were there to greet fans. Fans cosplaying as characters and those with homemade “ita-bags” (a must for any anime fan) were there as well, expressing their excitement at our return after a four-year absence.

  • ▲Beautiful, king-sized visual boards!

  • ▲Brand new visuals for “even if TEMPEST”

  • ▲Standees were on standby to greet fans!

  • ▲Eagerly posing alongside beautiful men♥

  • ▲A homemade ita-bag!

  • ▲A cosplayer dressed as one of our heroines!
[History and Trade Secrets]

Alongside the impressive visuals and standees were displays discussing Otome Romance’s history and production process. Comments like “My Forged Wedding was my very first otome game!” abounded as fans gleefully read them over. Monitors displayed a brand new trailer for the fan disc for “even if TEMPEST,” set to be released this year. TEMPEST’s beautiful visuals had many a fan murmuring in admiration.

  • ▲A timeline of Otome Romance titles!

  • ▲Trade secrets on how our apps are made!

  • ▲Fans mesmerized by the beautiful movie.
[Long Lines for Exclusive Merch]

The booth featured a rich selection of exclusive merchandise from Voltage’s most popular titles. Fans eagerly awaiting their chance to get some hands on merch formed long lines, and on the final day, those who had made purchases over the course of the event were entered into a raffle to win “standees,” life-sized representations of popular characters. The response was above and beyond what staff were expecting, with excited fans all around.

  • ▲Lines for merch and freebies!

  • ▲Lines long enough to wrap around the booth.

  • ▲Great merch selection created for Anime Expo.

  • ▲First even if TEMPEST merch sold overseas!

  • ▲Raffle joys and woes as fans test their luck.

  • ▲Congratulations to this excited winner!
[A Message Board Covered in Comments!]

There was a message board set up at the booth, which fans packed with comments, even going so far as to fill in the edges. “Thank you for coming back!” “I’ll love Voltage forever” “I love this character” “Bring back this title…!” and other wonderful, passionate messages covered every inch of the panel.

Voltage offers content not only on mobile apps, but the Nintendo Switch™, STEAM, and other formats, enjoyed by tons of fans both domestic and abroad. We will continue to provide high quality content in the hopes of being an important part of everyone’s lives.

  • ▲Fans penning heartfelt words!

  • ▲Enthusiastic commentary all the way down!

  • ▲An excited fan shows off her personal fave♥

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