Brand New Title on the English Edition of 100 Shiin no Koi+: PLUST Loving U So True Coming to Love 365: Find Your Story on Friday, January 20th

 Voltage, Inc. (Main Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. President: Yuzi Tsutani) has announced a Friday, January 20th, 2023 release date for hot new title “PLUST Loving U So True” on the internationally- aimed romantic e-reader app, Love 365: Find Your Story.

This is an English language release of “PLUST Ore wo Osu made, Ashiteageru” on 100 Shiin no Koi+. First released in October of last year, this tale of falling for bold and playful pop stars has made a swift debut on Love 365: Find Your Story! Now, the whole world can meet these larger-than-life idols.
 Thanks to a quirk of fate, the protagonist ends up sharing a house with national-level pop stars. Just as she begins her dream-like life in the glamorous Daikanyama area of Tokyo, her charismatic roommates discover that she’s a fan of their rivals… and they’re not willing to take that news lying down! From that day onward they launch a strategy of seduction: winks thrown and kisses blown. There’s never a dull moment living under the same roof as these rising stars.


  • You have an ordinary life until one day
    you end up living with a hit-selling boy band!

    The thing is, you’re a big fan of their rivals,
    and now they’re determined to change your mind…

    They bring maximum charm 24/7.
    Winks Blown Kisses Finger Hearts
    They’ll do whatever it takes:
    Whisper “I love you.”
    Nearly kiss you.

    Is this just fan service? Or is it real?
    You might have the wrong idea, but…

    “What would you do
    if I told you this is real?”

Members of PLUST

  • Mikoto Amamitsu
    The Wild King

  • Ryoga Buto
    The Icy Prodigy

  • Sui Claude Saigu
    The Princely Tyrant

  • Kotoha Dozono
    The Sly Enigma

  • Wataru Eboshi
    The Artful Ideal


  • Who are PLUST?

    Mikoto, Ryoga, Claude, Kotoha and Wataru make up the members of a five-man dance & vocal group.
    Their motto is to make their fans’ dreams come true alongside their own, which makes them appealing to all genders and ages on the national stage. Their fans are known as Stars.

  • The PLUST House

    A trendy luxury home occupied by the five pop princes of PLUST. When the heroine ends up without a home, she starts living with them.
    Amenities include 24/7 fan service, the real men behind the pop star smiles, and ample chances to get closer.

Reasons to read PLUST Love U So True!

  • 1. You get to live with famous pop stars!

    As you get closer, you can’t help but wonder if their sweetness is more than just an act. Only you will get to know the men behind the gorgeous smiles, and you can only do that by living with them♥
    Plus, your choices make the stories richer!

    2. You’re with them at work & at home!

    Your loyalty lies elsewhere, but these idols are at the top of their game. Their stunning performances and unbreakable bonds as a group will charm you into rooting for their success!

English Language Story App for Female Audiences“Love 365: Find Your Story”

  • The English version of story app “100-Shiin no Koi+” brings the spark of romance to everyday life through its exclusive titles. In addition to regular updates for old favorites, Voltage plans to release many more new titles in the near future. There are also free stories that give an easy starting point for new users.


“Love 365: Find Your Story”

 ※“PLUST Loving U So True” can be enjoyed within Love 365: Find Your Story

Payment Type: Free-to-Play (In-app purchases available)

Supported Devices: iOS 10.0 or above. iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Android OS 4.4 or above.
*May not be playable on all devices.

Trademark: Ⓒ Voltage

*All company names, products, and services listed here are copyrights of their respective companies.


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