Arriving on June 16th (Wed.) to Love 365: Find Your Story! “Oops, I Said Yes?!”  Recent 100 Shiin no Koi+ release is coming out in English!

Voltage, Inc. (Main Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. President: Yuzi Tsutani) has announced a June 16th (Wed.) release for “Oops,I Said Yes?!” on the globally-aimed romantic e-reader app, “Love 365: Find Your Story.”

This is an English release of brand new title “Ukkari-kon~ Mezametara, Wakeari Joshi no Tsuma Deshita,” released March 2021 on the Japanese language romantic e-reader app, 100 Shiin no Koi+.
Satisfied with her career and hobbies, the heroine is living her best life without thoughts of matrimony – until one drunken night, she inadvertently ends up married to a certain someone. Now they have to figure out how to pretend their marriage is more than a shame – and learn to get along in private, too. What starts out as a marriage of convenience turns into a love match. Follow their journey as they get to know one another and learn what it truly means to be partners.
Discover this fun, dramatic tale that is Oops, I Said Yes?! in Love 365: Find Your Story.


  • Great job, fulfilling hobbies.
    You’re loving the single life.

    That is, until you end up married
    and all on a drunken impulse!

    A sparkling ring on your finger,
    kisses to welcome you home.

    It’s a marriage of convenience,
    so why does it feel like you’re falling in love?

    Neither your vows nor your wedding certificate
    are proof of affection in this case.

    Can marriage be a starting point for love?

Character Introduction

  • Kunihiro Kasai
    Ambitious & Romantic
  • Kuranosuke Kiba
    Sly & Assertive
  • Shu Hasunuma
    Brusque & Shy
  • Eiji Takao
    Haughty & Mysterious
  • Ukyo Senkawa
    Sexy & Intrepid

“Oops,I Said Yes?!” Points of Interest

Title Highlights!

◆ 5 grooms to choose from,
all brimming with their own unique charms.
◆ Enjoy newlywed life and an office romance all at once.
◆ A sophisticated yet light-hearted wedding rom-com!

Story Highlights!

◆ Start from marriage, but build up to the point where you fall in love for real!
◆ Marrying him lets you see the man behind the consummate professional♥
◆ Happy hijinks await in bathtime encounters, unusual sleeping styles, terms of affection and more♥
◆ The thrill of having a secret all to yourselves.
◆ Romance blooms from a sudden, loveless marriage. Will you fast track to divorce, or a happily ever after?

English Language Story App for Female Audiences
“Love 365: Find Your Story”

  • The English version of story app “100-Shiin no Koi+” brings the spark of romance to everyday life through its exclusive titles. In addition to regular updates for old favorites, Voltage plans to release many more new titles in the near future. There are also free stories that give an easy starting point for new users.


Love 365: Find Your Story

* “Oops, I Said Yes?!”can be enjoyed within Love 365: Find Your Story

Payment Type: Free-to-Play (In-app purchases available)

Supported Devices: iOS 10.0 or above. iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Android OS 4.4 or above. *May not be playable on all devices.

Trademark: ⒸVoltage

*All company names, products, and services listed here are copyrights of their respective companies.


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