English Release Decided for Popular “100-Shiin no Koi+” Title “Destind: Mr. Almost Right” Coming to“Love 365: Find Your Story” on 12/5 (Thu)

 Voltage, Inc. (Main Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. President: Yuzi Tsutani) will release “Destind: Mr. Almost Right” for its English language story app for female audiences, “Love 365: Find Your Story) on December 5th 2019.

”Destind: Mr. Almost Right” is the English version of popular title “Ato 1% de Unmei no Koi” from romance-recharging story app “100-Shiin no Koi+”.
The main character is a relatable woman who works for a major cosmetics company located in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district. Our story starts when our heroine registers for a matchmaking app and ends up getting a 99% match with a certain gentleman. Filled with the thrills and pitfalls of a romance set against a realistic workday setting, it’s the perfect story for granting its readers’ dreams of feeling the pull of destiny in their lives.
We hope that you’ll enjoy reading “Destind: Mr. Almost Right” in ”Love 365: Find Your Story.”


  • “When are you getting married?”
    When you’re finding the reality
    of your romantic life too bleak to bare,
    you’re matched through an app to a
    man with a 99% compatibility rating.
    A riveting date, his eye-opening kiss…
    Your love only picks up speed…
    Until your 1% mismatch makes you
    hit the brakes.
    ”I’ll prove that we’re a perfect match.”
    Just 1% left…
    Who could be the man of your destiny?


  • Rei Rindoh 
    The Lone Wolf
  • Araya Kuze
    The Perfect Boyfriend
  • Takane momochi
    The Lofty Ideal

“Destind: Mr. Almost Right” Points of Interest


You make up a special private rule to test out if your 99% compatibility rating is really true.❤

As time goes on, you’re more and more convinced of your perfect match! Could this be destiny? ❤

When you’re about to go home, he invites you over to his place… Should you, or shouldn’t you?

It’s in discovering the missing 1% that lets you seal your destiny together–

Matchmaking App

The state-of-the-art “Cupid’s Arrow” matchmaking app makes its appearance in the story!
The app helps add an extra dimension of realism to the world of “Destind: Mr. Almost Right”.

■“Love 365: Find Your Story”


Love 365: Find Your Story

* Destind: Mr. Almost Right can be enjoyed within Love 365: Find Your Story

Payment Type: Free-to-Play (In-app purchases available)

Supported Devices: iOS 8.0 or above. iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Android OS 4.1 or above.
*May not be playable on all devices.

Trademark: Ⓒ Voltage

*All company names, products, and services listed here are copyrights of their respective companies.


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