On March 9th, Three Characters Have Been Simultaneously Released in “Wedding VR” for Steam and Oculus Store. Available For Play at Booth in “VR PARK TOKYO IKEBUKURO”

 Voltage, Inc. (Main Branch: Shibuya, Tokyo. President : Yuzi Tsutani) has begun sales on March 9th of its VR contents on Steam for PC, and in the Oculus Store for the Oculus VR platform. The three titles released are “Wedding VR: Yamato Kougami,” “Wedding VR: Henry A. Spencer,” and “Wedding VR: Masamune Date,” all developed by Voltage Inc.’s subsidiary, Voltage VR (Main Branch: Shibuya, Tokyo. Representative Director: Kensuke Tamai).

 The “Wedding VR” titles give players a chance to experience a wedding in virtual reality with one of the popular characters featured in Voltage’s romance apps. The “Wedding VR: Yamato Kougami (voice: Hikaru Midorikawa)” had crowds lining up for over 90 minutes to play at last year’s Tokyo Game Show 2017. Its completed version is joined now by “Wedding VR: Henry A. Spencer (voice: Nobuhiko Okamoto)” and “Wedding VR: Masamune Date (voice: Kaito Ishikawa)”. All three games are available on PC gaming platform “Steam,” and virtual reality platform Oculus Store (Rift).

 Voltage’s second line of sweetly thrilling romantic virtual reality games have powered up to a new level after the first “Intimate VR”! Three different types of hot guys – a modern heartthrob, a European prince, and a Japanese warrior general – get in close and heavy with you in your virtual wedding together. It’ll feel like the man of your dreams is right there next to you as you exchange your vows.

 Additionally, there will be 2 booths available at the “VR PARK TOKYO IKEBUKURO (ADORES)” from March 12th to April 1st allowing you to try the above three titles. We hope you enjoy this chance to experience the newest in VR romance.

Wedding VR Lineup

English/Japanese languages available. English version will include English subtitles with Japanese voice. His actions will change according to your choices. Multiple endings available.

VR Wedding:

You head to the fairytale church dressed in your beautiful white wedding gown.
You find him waiting for you there, and his whisper in your ear is your signal to start the ceremony.
A wonderful surprise awaits you at the end of your private dream wedding.
Release Information
TitleWedding VR: Yamato Kougami/Wedding VR: Henry A. Spencer/Wedding VR: Masamune Date
Payment SystemPay to Download
Release dateSteam/Oculus Store(Rift) 3/9/2018 (Fri)
System RequirementsOS: Windows 7 or greater
CPU: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
1 GB of storage available
AvailabilitySearch for “Wedding VR” in Steam/Oculus Store
Copyright Notice©Voltage ©Voltage VR
Booth Overview
Date 3/12/2018 (Mon.) until 4/1/2018 (Sun.)
Location VR PARK TOKYO IKEBUKURO Tokyo, Toshima ward, Ikebukuro, 1-14-4 Adores Sunshine 3F
Pricing Pricing Booth included in the cost of one VR PARK TOKYO ticket.
110 minutes, all you can play. Weekdays: \2,900. Weekends/Holidays: \3,300
Photo Session (includes original marriage certificate): extra \700 each
*Each character comes with their own unique marriage certificate.
ADORES Ikebukuro 3F.
Experience the latest in VR entertainment!
Since its opening in December, 2017, many customers
have enjoyed the attractions on offer.
Each play session lasts 110 minutes and space is limited.
*Reservation available.
Hours 10:30AM -11:00PM
Telephone 03-3461-1311

The Characters and Their Original Games
  • My Forged Wedding: PARTY

    ”Marry me. It only has to be for three months.” You only just met him, and you’re getting married?! What starts out as a lie blossoms into true love…

  • Be My Princess 2

    ”Hey. Come with me.” Your coworker is the heir to a foreign throne?! He takes you to a castle party with seven princes, where your miracle romance with royalty begins…
  • Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY

    War rages across medieval Japan as various warrior generals fight for power. A love more precious than life itself awaits you as you take your little brother’s place to join one of the warring clans.
  • Yamato Kougami

    The world’s most loving husband♥
    Your sweet alpha male

  • Henry A. Spencer

    Your perfect prince with an IQ of 200,
    and the secret side he shows only to you

  • Masamune Date

    This shy and quiet warrior general is as loyal as they come♥

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