Encouraging Women to Excel Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2017 Voltage Inc. Awarded with 5th Place!

 Voltage Inc. (Tokyo, Shibuya ward President: Yuzi Tsutani) was awarded 5th place in Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2017 for its focus on female participation and achievements in the section dedicated to ‘companies with less than 1,000 employees but over 300 employees.’ The award ceremony took place in Tokyo, Minato ward on December 21st, 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton.

  Run in conjunction with LiB, a company working to promote women’s lives and careers, Forbes Japan’s The Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2017 honors businesses that actively push for positive, progressive working environments that fosters ambitious women. Over 1,000 women from all sectors of the Japanese workforce were asked to take a survey to help better understand the current working environment. The awards were determined through a general vote online, the results of the aforementioned survey, and a review by a board of advisers and general committee members.

 Voltage Inc. supports parents of small children by providing shorter working hours, leave for nursing care, and financial support for early-stage reinstatement. Forty-five percent of all management positions were held by women in 2016, and fifty-six percent of all newly appointed management positions were offered to women, showing a high level of commitment to women in the workplace.

 Voltage Inc. will continue to bolster and diversify its working style to give its employees a creative space to flourish, thus improving productivity.


▼Voltage’s female leader, Vice President Nanako Higashi, who paved the way in personnel-system reform, takes the stage.


■Innovations implemented in 2017
TeleworkWith company-provided laptops, employees can connect to their office computers remotely to work from home.
Ability to choose working hoursThe mandatory working hours from 10AM to 7PM have since been changed to allow more flexibility, allowing employees to choose from 3 pre-set schedules.
“Refresh” holidaysSalaried employees who have worked at the company for 5 and 10 years receive additional paid leave and vouchers.

■Promotion of Women at Voltage
Salaried female employees201420152016
Percentage (Women/Overall)57%58%60%
Women in management positions201420152016
Percentage (Women/Overall)32%36%45%
Women newly hired201520162017
Percentage (Women/Overall)59%65%66%
Newly promoted management201420152016
Percentage (Women/Overall)43%67%56%


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