Voltage’s 1st AR app gets a major update! Let’s Snuggle! AR Released April 10th with a brand-new character

Voltage Inc. (Tokyo, Shibuya ward President: Yuzi Tsutani) has released the AR app, Let’s Snuggle! AR, developed by Voltage VR Inc., a subisidiary of Voltage Inc. (Tokyo, Shibuya ward President: Kensuke Tamai). The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play as of April 10th (Monday) 2017.

This title features popular characters from our Romance Apps titles joining you in the real world through AR (augmented reality). One of the first characters in this app is the beloved character Scorpio from our Romance App “Star-Crossed Myth.” In his pocket-sized form, he toddles across tables, chatters away, and relaxes in ways you’ve never seen in his original story!

In this F2P (free-to-play) model, players can interact with these characters free of charge. Purchasing extra features will unlock “Snuggle Chat,” “Snuggle Catch,” and “AR Photo,” allowing further interaction with your guy. Not only that, but more characters are planned for future release, and soon, you could have all your favorite guys joining you in the real world. The app can be enjoyed in either Japanese or English, depending on your device’s language settings, making it even easier for our overseas fan to enjoy.

Voltage Inc. will continue to produce innovative, high-quality products.

Fun App Features
A: Snuggle Chat
Tap him and he’ll start chattering away! He’ll say different things depending on the time of day!

B: Snuggle Catch
Toss him a heart, and if he catches it, he’ll be pleased as punch!

C: AR Photo
Snap a photo with him whenever and wherever you want!
How to Enjoy Let’s Snuggle! AR
① Install “Let’s Snuggle! AR”

② Run the app

③ Tap the on-screen arrow,and he’ll appear through the doors!
Character Introductio
The popular character Scorpio from “Star-Crossed Myth” is available! More beloved guys from all across our apps are planned for release! Who knows, maybe your favorite character is coming soon, too…

The aloof god
Scorpio [Abrasive & Cool]
Foul-mouthed Scorpio detests humans. He claims to need you, yet treats you with contempt whenever he can… But before long, this brutal god has captured your heart.
What is AR?

AR stands for “Augmented Reality.”
A tool that seemingly augments your reality by projecting information and pictures into the real world through your smartphone screen!

How to Purchase
Content nameLet’s Snuggle! AR
PriceFree to play / in-app purchases
On sale4/10/2017
Supported devicesiOS8.0 and up / Android 5.0 and up
*May not be compatible with certain devices/operating systems.
Copyright© Voltage, Inc. © VoltageVR, inc.

* Listed company names, products and services are trademarks of their companies.

Usage Note

  • * Be aware of your surroundings while playing.
  • * Avoid playing for long periods of time. If playing causes sickness, please cease playing.
  • * Voltage Inc. is not responsible for any illnesses, problems, damages, etc. caused by this app.
  • * Please be aware of your surroundings while enjoying this app.

Voltage Inc. company info.
Company name: Voltage Inc. (Established September 1999)
Location: Tokyo, Shibuya ward, Ebisu 4-20-3 Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 28th floor
President: Yuzi Tsutani

Voltage VR Inc. company info
Company name: Voltage VR Inc. (Established February 2017)
Location: Tokyo, Shibuya ward, Ebisu 4-20-3 Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 28th floor
President: Kensuke Tamai


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