Voltage’s Visual Romance Apps series is ranked #1 in 57 countries. And now it brings you its 35th app! “Irresistible Mistakes” (“Ano yoru kara kimi ni koi shiteta”) Available March 27th

Voltage Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Yuzi Tsutani) released its latest English-language romance app, Irresistible Mistakes, for iOS and Android on March 27th, 2017.

This smartphone app is the English-language version of our Japanese app “Ano yoru kara kimi ni kois hiteta,” which has become one of our most popular titles since its release in October, 2016.
After a steamy one-night stand, a secret love affair blossoms between you and the suitor of your choice. The original bittersweet storyline and handsome characters are presented unaltered from the original Japanese release for the enjoyment of our English-speaking fans.

Voltage Inc. will continue to evolve in order to bring its Romance Apps, and Japan-made entertainment, to audiences all over the world.

I should never have done that…
He was a total stranger. I didn’t even know his name.
But we spent the night together…!

It was just a huge mistake. There could never be anything between us! Or so I thought…

“I want to see you again tonight…”

That simple text from him was just the beginning of an incredible love affair…

Opening Movie on Youtube

Can a one-night stand become something more?

You’re a serious-minded career woman working at an advertisement agency, but you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life…
You wake up the morning after a party, and find yourself in an unfamiliar bed!
Is he just here to fool around? Or is he serious about you…?
You know you can’t get too involved, but each text from him sets your heart racing…

These dashing men have you wrapped around their finger.

The debonair scoundrel you admire, the melancholy yet terrifying exec, the cool and self-important ace at work…
You spent the night with someone from the office?!
Your love is anything but conventional, but before you know it, your steadfast feelings have won him over…

“I won’t let you call that night a mistake.”

The road to love is never easy, but where will this road lead you and your man…?

Special Features

Two heart-pounding endings available!

Unlock both “The Provocative Ending” and “The Heartfelt Ending” to receive a special animated movie featuring original Japanese voice acting.
※Movie comes with English subtitles

He shoots you a furtive glance in the middle of the office.
His gaze is filled with desire, hinting at what’s to come after work…
Discover the thrill of a secret relationship!

What’s a Drama App?

Drama Apps are story-based apps for mobile devices. From romance to suspense, users can be the protagonist of their own stories in a new form of entertainment which is neither a game nor a comic.

* Romance Apps are apps that allow users to choose the guy they like best and enjoy a love story with him. Over 90 titles are currently available for download through the App Store and Google Play.
* Voltage’s Romance Apps have been played by more than 50 million people worldwide (as of 1/31/2016). This number reflects the total number of people who downloaded our apps from the App Store or Google Play, on Japanese cell phone carrier plans, and on a variety of social gaming platforms.
*Voltage Inc. debuted their English language romance apps to an international audience in 2011, and set up an overseas subsidiary in the U.S.
*Voltage Inc. became one of the top three monthly revenue earning publishers on Google Play (excluding games) in May of 2014.

Release Overview
TitleIrresistible Mistakes
PricingDownload Free/In-game purchases for extra content
Release dateMarch 27th, 2017 (Mon)
Compatible devicesRequires iOS 7.0 or later/Android OS 4.0 and up
*Some devices may not support this app.
Follow the steps below to
access the game from your device:
[App Store]⇒[Search]⇒ [Irresistible Mistakes]
[Google Play]⇒[Search]⇒ [Irresistible Mistakes]
Copyright© Voltage, Inc.


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