Voltage at Tokyo Game Show 2015 Nearly 4,500 people experienced real-life visual romance app moves like chin-tilting and head-patting, and got knocked out by heart-pounding lines recited by Yuki Kaji and Hiro Shimono

Voltage Inc. presented a booth at Tokyo Game Show 2015, held at Makuhari Messe from September 17-20, and over four days attracted 4,500 visitors who experienced the visual romance worlds of its games brought to life in the booth.

This year, areas to experience real-life visual romance app situations were set up for “Itsuwari no Kimi to Scandal” (available in English as “Scandal in the Spotlight”), “Kagami no Naka no Princess Love Palace,” and “Hana Yori Dango ~F4 to First Kiss~.” A total of eight attractive models, dressed as pop stars and foreign princes, were on hand to give visitors a variety of heart-racing thrills such as “kabe-don” (cornering someone against a wall), “ago-kui” (grabbing and tilting one’s chin up), patting guests on the head, and kissing their hands.

Guests who visited each section of the booth, as well as fans online, could vote for their #1 in the “Ikemen Battle” (Sexiest Man Battle). After a tough fight, the winner of the Ikemen Battle was proclaimed to be Tsuyoshi Maeda, who played a pop star in the “Itsuwari no Kimi to Scandal” section and was crowned #1 Ikemen.

During the general public days, the “Thrilling Voice Actor Talk Show” was held on the stage. Yuki Kaji (Sept. 19; voice appearance only) and Hiro Shimono (Sept. 20) murmured heart-pounding lines from Voltage apps.

As well, on Sept. 19, Yuya Matsushita (X4), Jin Shirasu, Mackenyu, and Ryuji Kamiyama from “Hana Yori Dango The Musical” took the stage to discuss backstage stories and their passions.

Additionally, this year for the first time, a production producer for a new app introduced the highlights of the game.

As a creator of visual romance apps for women, Voltage hopes to continue to present women with games they love and reach them not just through the apps but via events like this one and information sent out on social media.

Itsuwari no Kimi to Scandal (Scandal in the Spotlight)
Revance, the pop star group beloved by people nationwide, made an appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2015! They were there to perform a concert for a packed audience. Everyone looked up at the silhouettes of their favorite members up on the stage. Visitors could select one, and that member would step down for a personal, heart-pounding meet-and-greet.
Guests enjoyed having each character do a different action to them, from grabbing their chin to tapping their nose.
Several times an hour, all three characters would come out and pose for photos, which was always very popular.
Kagami no Naka no Princess Love Palace
Welcome, Princess. You’ve entered the world inside the mirror, and we’ve been waiting for you…
After stepping through a giant mirror, the road forks in two. Choose a door, left or right, and find a handsome aristocrat in the room there awaiting you. Which one will you choose?
In the room you’ve chosen, the handsome man will make your heart beat wildly in one of six ways, from slamming his hands on the wall near you as you sit in your chair to kissing your hand.
Day after day this section of the booth was wildly successful, and on Sept. 20 the wait time was 120 minutes as a long line formed.
Hana Yori Dango ~F4 to First Kiss~
In this section, guests could step inside the world of “Hana Yori Dango ~F4 to First Kiss~” and have their photo taken with the four hot students who run the school, “F4.” In the booth there was an attractive butler standing by, ready to usher visitors inside the world of the app.
The attractive butler not only escorted the visitors but also answered any requests they had by posing for photos where he cornered them against the wall or knelt before them.
Thrilling Voice Actors’ Talk Show
Sept. 20 (Sunday)
Guest: Hiro Shimono / Special MCs: Hige Danshaku

Hiro Shimono and comedy duo Hige Danshaku took the stage, where Mr. Shimono was questioned about his personal life: “Have you ever actually done one of these moves meant to make a girl’s heart pound?” In response, he answered “I’ve patted someone’s head,” to which the ladies in the audience screamed in delight.
Mr. Shimono recited heart-pounding lines from Voltage games, and the 300 audience members let out sighs and appeared to be utterly captivated.
“Hana Yori Dango The Musical” Cast F4 Talk Show
Sept. 19 (Saturday)
Guests: Yuya Matsushita (X4), Jin Shirasu, Mackenyu, Ryuji Kamiyama

From “Hana Yori Dango The Musical,” Yuya Matsushita (X4) (playing Tsukasa Domyoji), Jin Shirasu (playing Rui Hanazawa), Mackenyu (playing Sojiro Nishikado), and Ryuji Kamiyama (playing Akira Mimasaka) made their first public appearance all four together.
When asked if they resemble the character they play, Mr. Matsushita and Mr. Shirasu said they did, while Mr. Mackenyu and Mr. Kamiyama said they did not.
Mr. Matsushita spoke passionately, saying that he wants to bring Hana Yori Dango to life as only a musical can, although it has already appeared as a manga, drama series, movie, and app.
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