2700 visitors experience the world of “Visual Romance Apps” at Voltage Inc’s ANIME EXPO 2015 booth “Kabedon” becomes popular internationally!

Voltage Inc. (Headquartered in Ebisu, Tokyo; CEO: Yuzi Tsutani) is presenting a booth for the second year in a row at Anime Expo 2015, held at the LA Convention Center from July 2nd to July 5th.

With over 200,000 visitors, Anime Expo is the largest convention for anime and manga in North America. This year, Voltage has expanded their booth to twice the size of last year’s and features the visual romance app, “My Forged Wedding”, which has placed #1 in stores in 52 countries. The booth includes a replica of a chapel with stained glass windows, which appears in the app, where over 2700 visitors enjoyed taking pictures with models dressed as grooms. Not only that, visitors had the opportunity to experience “kabedon”, a romantic situation which has recently gained popularity in Japan. Not only our lively booth , but there was a lot of posting of picture which were taken in our chapel on their social media.

Besides showcasing popular app titles, the booth also introduced an original app by Voltage Entertainment USA (subsidiary of Voltage Inc.) called “Labyrinths of Astoria” which is planned to be released in July. Visitors to the booth could preregister for the app and the number of people who pre-registered surpassed 1100.

As of 2011, “visual romance apps” aimed towards international audiences have made top entertainment rankings in the American App Store and become more widespread among English speaking countries. Voltage plans to continue to produce high quality apps in the future.

Event Details:
Event:ANIME EXPO 2015
Sponsor:Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation(SPJA)
Location:LA Convention Center
Dates:July 2nd through July 5th

Booth Demo Titles:

My Wedding and 7 Rings Scandal in the Spotlight Star-Crossed Myth
Sakura Amidst Chaos Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY My Forged Wedding: PARTY
Be My Princess: PARTY Labyrinths of Astoria
Labyrinths of Astoria
You’re cordially invited to experience “My Forged Wedding” at Anime expo!If you look closely there may even be an area to experience the rumored ‘Kabe Don’ behind the wedding hall?!
What are Romance Apps?

Experience a new kind of interactive story available on smartphones. We currently have over 60 titles that are available now, and as of July 1st, 2015 we have exceeded 40 million users.*

*Total number of users includes registered users of our website, mobile users, smartphone users, social media platform users (GREE, Mobage, Mixi Games, Ameba, Facebook, etc.), and users that have installed our apps from the App and Google Play Stores.
* The company and product names written here are trademarks and registered trademarks their respective owners.


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